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Savor a delectable meal with iAMFit CGF Chlorella Powder. This yummy and healthy meal buddy is charged with Chlorella Extract CGF, the purest form of chlorella, and Chlorella powder. Chlorella boosts energy for work, helps recuperate faster from illness, reinforces the immune system, detoxifies the body system and revitalize the ageing skin cells.

Eat well, have more zest in work, and stop counting calories with this healthy meal alternative. iAMFit CGF Chlorella Powder is an excellent pair with your meal and favorite drink and dessert.

Best taken with iAMFit Dash and iAMFit 8in1 Coffee for more visible results.

How to Use: Add 2 teaspoons to your drink, meal or dessert. Can be used in recipes requiring Matcha or Spirulina.